How to Set and Enforce Boundaries

Ah boundaries. The least sexy, yet most crucial element of, dating and relationships. Most of us understand this on a surface level, but find it REALLY DIFFICULT to set and enforce them. Why? Well, this is my take on it… When we are little girls, we are taught to be polite, be kind, be gentle, smile, …

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Girl looking at blank cell phone

Why He Ghosted You

You were ghosted! I know, right? You’re freakin’ fantastic! But girl, that actually doesn’t matter! Say whaaat? 🤔 Let me share a story with you that I felt compelled to share as a friend of mine just went through this! She’s also smart, funny, has a career, and is quite successful at what she does. What’s …

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How I Finally Broke The Crappy Relationship Cycle!

In this talk that I did at MoMondays Halifax, I share the candid story of how I went from dating ALL the wrong guys to living my best life! I finally figured out how to break the crappy relationship cycle – and you can too! In the video below I share how, after years of …

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