Stand In Your Power Break Through Session

You’re A Strong, Successful, Independent Woman…So What’s Up with the “Less Than” Relationships?

Do your friends ever ask you what you saw in a certain guy or relationship after it ended?

Are you surprised when you think you’re keeping things casual with a new guy but end up getting emotionally involved too quickly – seemingly against your will?

Have you ever been in a relationship that was “good enough” because it was better than being alone?

Do you find yourself in a relationship where you feel like you’re having to turn yourself into a pretzel to keep your mate interested?

If so, then it’s time for my Stand In Your Power with Men Break Through Session so that you can finally understand why you’ve made the choices you’ve made in past relationships so that you can shift things once and for all!

How It Works:

Do a brief 20-minute online assessment (including a detailed report) followed by a 90-minute break through coaching call with me.

At the end you will:

  • show you once and for all why none of your previous relationships have worked out
  • have uncovered the mystery of why – even though you know you’re a smart successful woman – you keep settling for less than you deserve with men; and
  • understand exactly what you need to do to BREAK the cycle once and for all – so you can finally have peace around the whole relationship situation, whether you’re single or not
  • have a 10-page report outlining what’s been blocking you from finding peace and fulfillment around your relationship dynamic that you can refer back to whenever triggers come up

Ready? Let’s DO THIS!!

Investment: $297