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Do You Feel Like You’re Doomed To Be Single Forever?

Have you ever listened to the radio on the way to work and cried listening to all the mushy love songs they play?

Do you avoid socializing with friends because you’re tired of being “the single friend”?

If so, then it’s time for you to take my Ready For Love Assessment and finally understand what’s been holding you back from finding the right guy for you!

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Find Your Forever Love

Have You Ever…

Started dating someone and things seem to be going great and then BOOM… he disappears?

Do you ever…

Go out for dinner with friends, look around at the other couples and think, “all the good ones are taken”?

Imagine Instead…

Getting home after a fabulous date with your man and receiving a text saying, “I had a wonderful time tonight. You are amazing! Sweet dreams, beautiful.”

Doing your make up in the morning and looking in the mirror and realizing that you no longer wonder where all the good men are – because you’re finally dating one of them!

Showing up at a dinner party with your man and feeling butterflies as he leans over to softly kiss your neck and whispers how stunning you look.

These moments could be yours…

If you’re sick and tired of dating the wrong guys over and over and are ready to make the changes necessary to stop the vicious cycle, click below to learn more about the Find Your Forever Love Program!

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Ready for Love Assessment and Debrief


Complete a 20 minute online assessment (including a detailed report) followed by a 75 minute coaching call to go over your results and discuss what it means for you!

How It Works:

Do a brief 20-minute assessment (including a detailed report) followed by a 75-minute coaching call with me.

At the end you will have a 10-page report outlining what’s been holding you back from finding the right partner; you’ll learn the 1st step to changing the internal dialogue that keeps trying to tell you “all the good ones are taken”; and you’ll have a way to immediately boost your energy so you feel excited and energized about dating again!

The investment: Regular $149, Fall Special: $99!

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I am ready to Work

Find Your Forever Love

In 12 sessions, over 4-6 months, we will go on a six-step journey together to help you stop dating losers once and for all, and learn how to date consciously to find the right man for you!

Dating Woes…

In our first step we do a really deep dive into your dating history and uncover any patterns of behaviour that aren’t serving you. Once we understand the patterns and where they come from, we can begin to change the internal programming that has been unconsciously running in the background that has caused you to make the choices you’ve made in the past with relationships and partners. This is the first step to conscious dating!

 Calling Your Inner Badass!

Here we start to discover your unique strengths and abilities and how to use them to enrich the amazing relationship that’s out there just waiting for you. We are often our own worst enemy and seldom give ourselves credit for the awesomeness that is us! Once you recognize the gifts you have and how to use them to date more like a badass, you can start to move forward in feeling confident, valuable, and sure of yourself when dating.

Whatchu Want Girl?

In this step we make a list of your NON-NEGOTIABLES in a partner and a relationship. We take the time here to discover, if you could have anything your pretty little heart desired, what do you REALLY want in a relationship and partner? What are you absolutely not willing to tolerate or compromise on? This will help you create your ideal partner image. And girrrrl, he’s fine! 😉 After you have your list, I’ll share the #1 mistake most smart women make that keeps this list from working for them!

Get Out There, Girlfriend!

Now that we’ve discovered any behaviours and patterns from your dating history that aren’t working for you; got your inner badass out of her shell; and identified what your ideal relationship and partner looks like; it’s time to get out there and start dating – on and offline! I’ll help you set up your online profile so that you stand out in a fabulous way and also help you to AVOID the phrases that look like “red flags” to a guy! We also will look at what it looks like to combine offline dating too – how to flirt and how to keep your eyes open to possibilities WITHOUT coming across as desperate!

First Date 101…And Beyond!

Now that you’ve got your profile sharing online how awesome of a catch you are, and having real live conversations with the available quality men you come across in your daily life it’s time to talk about what to do (and not do) on first (or second or third dates). I’ll also give you my best first date ideas so you can take the pressure off and have FUN!  You know by now that this is NOT all about “getting him to like you” anymore! No girlfriend, you are interviewing him too, to see if he’s worth spending more time with – and if not, you will be confident enough to let him go because you KNOW that you DO NOT have to settle EVER AGAIN! We’ll also talk about the “red flags” that YOU need to watch out for including some that are easy to miss, and how to tell whether or not he’s worth a second date! I’ll also share some ways to let him down easy if he’s not for you without any room for misunderstandings, because after all; he may not be a fit for you, but as the Dalai Llama says: “Be kind whenever possible; it is always possible.”

I Feel A Spark…Now What?!

In this last work together, we’ll focus on how to proceed when you do feel a “spark” after a date! So you met someone worth spending some time with. Now is the time to start using your new-found confidence to let him know – without scaring him away – that you’re interested and really enjoy spending time with him! I’ll be there to support you as you navigate your way through changing your patterns and trusting yourself again. When you start to have the “feels” and want to make sure you’re still making conscious-based decisions, I’ll help ensure you keep the “love goggles” in the drawer so you are clear-headed as you move along this part of your journey. We’ll also talk about when it’s okay to have sex for the first time, yes I said it! Listen, I don’t expect you to wait until you’re married, but I DO want you to wait until you’re sure he wants the same things you do. If you want a long term relationship and he’s looking for a booty call, you will RESPECT yourself enough to tell him that you’re not a good fit – even if he is suuuuper cute – because the RIGHT guy for you will want the same things you do, and he’s still out there just waiting to meet you!

The Investment: $1499 or 3 Installments of $599

I only have space for 3 clients in my Find Your Forever Love Program at one time so space is limited.

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