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I’m Amber Duffney…

In my teens, 20s, and even early 30s I wasted so much time in relationships that were abusive at worst, and co-dependent at best. Without even being aware of it, I believed that if a relationship didn’t work I was somehow a failure. Because of this unconscious belief, I put up with way more than I ever should have in relationships.

I felt like being in a relationship was some sort of status symbol showing the world – and myself – that I was worthy.

After years and years of this pattern on repeat and after I had my two beautiful children, I finally admitted that my relationships up to that point had been unhealthy. And I realized that if I didn’t break the cycle my kids would grow up to repeat the same unhealthy patterns in their relationships.

Once I realized what I needed to do, I made it my mission to heal myself of these toxic and unhealthy patterns.

After a lot of therapy, and going through my coach training program (which is like a personal growth program in an of itself), I can now recognize the old patterns and beliefs when they show up and I know how to handle them!

I have learned to cherish the relationship I have with myself – and I now really enjoy my alone time.

After talking to loads of other women, I realized I am not the only smart, successful woman this has happened to. It actually seems to be a bit of an epidemic.

My mission now is to help women break unhealthy relationship patterns and finally find the happy, healthy relationship they deserve!