Exhausted from the emotional roller coaster of dating? Are you convinced you are doomed to be single forever?

Tell me, does this sound familiar?

You meet a guy. He’s hot. There’s an instant attraction. You start chatting with him and you find yourself trying to be what it is you think he wants, and turning yourself into a damn pretzel in the process. 

Then…you find out he’s actually got a girlfriend. Or he’s only interested in hooking up. Or he’s got some major baggage that is a DEAL BREAKER!

At this point, this story sounds so familiar that you’re SURE that there are simply NO decent guys left. Period. End of story.

BUT…what if…

  • dating could be a breath-taking adventure, instead of an emotionally draining task?
  • instead of only meeting damaged and emotionally unavailable men, you could find where those amazing guys are hiding, and have them lining up to take you out?

If this sounds too good to be true, stay with me…you won’t regret it!



I’m Amber Duffney, Coach, Speaker, and CEO of A Woman’s Worth Coaching.

I help women break the dead-end dating and relationship cycle and finally find the happy, healthy relationship they deserve!

There REALLY ARE great, amazing single men out there. You just need to know where to look – and how to attract them!

If you’re DONE with dating the wrong guys and are READY to find another way, click below to see how working with me can help you find your forever!

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